- H-Maser frequency Standard (Output frequencies : 5, 10 et 100 MHZ)

- Caesium atomic clock (Output frequency : 5 MHz)

- Ultra-stable  bva-quartz Oscillator (sy(t) = 710-14 at 10s and at 10 MHz)

- Optical and GPS  links for national frequency standard 

- Benches for measurments of sy(t), Sf and Long Term Drift

- Test Bench of thermal behaviors  for resonators and oscillators

- Measuresments under controlled magnetic fields

- "Vibrator" for tests under random or sinus vibrations and shocks

- Infra-Red spectrometers  for crystal caracterizations

-  X-rays Generators  for topographies ou goniometry

- Electronic Beam and Atomic Force Microscopes

- Facilities for sawing, grinding, ultrasonic machining and chemical etching

- Clean room for technology : double side photolitography, thin films depostion, chemincal etching, ...

some photos


 - Design (Protel)

- Simulation (Pspice AD)

- Calculation (Maple, Mathematica, Matlab)

- Modelisation (Systus, Modulef, Tensosim, Piezosim)

- Data acquisitions ...